Over 800,000 people use the Opportunity Analysis Canvas. Join them by using this innovative model to clearly identify and analyze new venture opportunities for startup entrepreneurs and corporate innovators.

The Opportunity Analysis Canvas was created by Dr. James V. Green, Director of Entrepreneurship Education for Mtech at the University of Maryland. It is based on his experiences of teaching thousands of students and advising over 100 companies, to include multiple Inc. 500 award winners. Conceived during his doctoral dissertation titled "Educating entrepreneurship students about opportunity discovery: A psycho-social development model for enhanced decision-making", the Opportunity Analysis Canvas is the cornerstone of Dr. Green's teaching and research at the University of Maryland.

The Opportunity Analysis Canvas

The Opportunity Analysis Canvas distills vast amounts of research in psychology, sociology, and business into a practical how-to guide for aspiring and active entrepreneurs. Dr. James V. Green presents a whole new understanding of entrepreneurial mindset and action. At its core, The Opportunity Analysis Canvas contains a powerful argument that anyone can be a successful startup entrepreneur or corporate innovator by thoughtfully examining themselves and the business opportunity. By harnessing these insights, we can transform our ideas into new ventures that are lasting successes.

The Opportunity Analysis Canvas is structured as a nine-step experience segmented into thinking entrepreneurially with an entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial motivation, and entrepreneurial behavior; seeing entrepreneurially with industry condition, industry status, macroeconomic change, and competition; and acting entrepreneurially with value innovation and opportunity identification. 

"The Opportunity Analysis Canvas: Third Edition"


  1. Introduction
  2. What are entrepreneurial opportunities?
  3. What is strategic decision making?
  4. Part I - Thinking Entrepreneurially
  5. Entrepreneurial Mindset
  6. Entrepreneurial Motivation
  7. Entrepreneurial Behavior
  8. Part II – Seeing Entrepreneurially
  9. Industry Condition
  10. Industry Status
  11. Macroeconomic Change
  12. Competition
  13. Part III – Acting Entrepreneurially
  14. Value Innovation
  15. Opportunity Identification
  16. Next Steps

"The Opportunity Analysis Canvas : Third Edition" is now available in paperback and as an eBook.

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