Starter Session

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Starter Session


Collaborate directly with Dr. James. V Green to discuss step-by-step solutions for your new venture, to include:

  • Defining Your Entrepreneurial Goals
  • Identifying an Entrepreneurial Opportunity
  • Assessing the First Steps to Developing Your Idea
  • Funding New Initiatives
  • Financing Your Growth to New Levels
  • Dramatically Increasing Your Revenues
  • Optimizing Your Operational Resources
  • Solving Your Human Capital Challenges
  • Creating Profit Producing Business Models

The Starter Session is one 20 minute video conference session with Dr. James V. Green at a mutually agreed upon time.

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Within 48 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email with information on scheduling your session with Dr. Green. This email will include a variety of days and times from which you can choose the session time that works best for you.