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For faculty interested in integrating The Opportunity Analysis Canvas into an existing course, or offering a new course based on The Opportunity Analysis Canvas, use the form below to register for free access to instructional materials to include a sample syllabus, lecture slides, and assignments. Upon verification of your faculty credentials, a complimentary review copy of The Opportunity Analysis Canvas will be emailed to you.


"The Opportunity Analysis Canvas" is available in print from Amazon and select retailers.


  1. Introduction
  2. What are entrepreneurial opportunities?
  3. What is strategic decision making?
  4. Part I - Thinking Entrepreneurially
  5. Entrepreneurial Mindset
  6. Entrepreneurial Motivation
  7. Entrepreneurial Behavior
  8. Part II – Seeing Entrepreneurially
  9. Industry Condition
  10. Industry Status
  11. Macroeconomic Change
  12. Competition
  13. Part III – Acting Entrepreneurially
  14. Value Innovation
  15. Opportunity Identification
  16. Next Steps


The online version of "The Opportunity Analysis Canvas" includes all of the chapters from the printed version, plus quizzes to reinforce key principles of the book.

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